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Body & Spirit

Experience the power of modern aesthetic treatments that refresh, revitalise, and renew, making you feel positively radiant.


Turn back the clock

Embrace a revitalized version of yourself. Our expertly curated treatments, infused with the latest advancements and the gentle touch of our experienced professionals will help to rejuvenate your skin, restore youthful radiance, and revitalize your confidence. Dive into a world where age is merely a number, and emerging feeling not just younger, but wonderfully vibrant.

Laser Hair Removal

Bid farewell to the inconvenience of unwanted hair. Our laser hair removal offers a smooth, lasting solution that enhances your confidence in any social situation.


Turn back the clock on fine lines, Crow's Feet and wrinkles. Our Botox treatments offer a rejuvenated appearance that lets your youthful spirit shine through.

Lip Fillers

Achieve a fuller, more youthful smile that empowers your self-image. Our premium lip fillers seamlessly address volume loss & asymmetry for lasting confidence

IV Vitamins

Elevate your wellness and combat low energy levels with our personalized IV Vitamin therapies. Experience rejuvenated vitality that matches your lifestyle.

Vitamin Shots

Revitalize your well-being and address nutritional deficiencies with our IV shots for super quick treatment. Elevate energy levels and optimize health for a life lived fully.

PRF Rejuvenation

Totally erase issues with skin laxity, eye 'bags' and textured scars. PRF Rejuvenation subtly revitalizes your skin, restoring its natural collagen, elasticity and texture, reversing the age clock.

Butt Lift

Reshape your silhouette with our transformative butt lifts. Attain the curves you have always dreamt of, boosting self-esteem, shapeliness and expanding your wardrobe possibilities.

Chemical Peel

Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Our chemical peels reveal a brighter, more even and smooth complexion that radiates confidence and youthfulness.

VI Peel

Combat dry, dull skin with our VI Peels. Uncover a luminous glow and revitalized texture that elevates your self-image and a gives a complexion everyone will notice.


Achieve your smoothest, most radiant skin yet. Our dermaplaning treatment instantly erases dull cells and peach fuzz, transforming texture and renewing your youthful mojo.

Enjoy the Difference

With our team of certified professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we go beyond mere treatments and offer a holistic journey of rejuvenation. Experience The Med Spa difference, where wellness meets luxury, and you leave transformed.


A Team of Certified Aesthetic Experts

Advanced Aestheticians or an Advanced Injectables Nurse carry out all treatments

Treatments That Slow The Aging Process

We only use treatments that have been proven to make you look younger

Start Taking Charge of The New You

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